China App Index, a monthly report on app market trends by Wandoujia, China's leading Android app store.

2014: How Foreign Apps Are Stacking Up

Have a look at the top foreign apps and games by download, and see how they're winning in China.

A Tale of Two Phone Tiers

This issue of the index looks at the high and the low of the smartphone spectrum in China: Who loves shopping more? Where are the news junkies? And who likes to cheat the most?

Classic Games Enjoy a Second Spring

The Chinese are gaming greenhorns, but affordable smartphones are changing that and classics have a second chance to win their hearts.

Mobile's the Right Situation for Comedies

This month Wandoujia brings you the newly expanded "Mobile Search Index," incorporating video trends. Comedies are king, and a popular TV show means popularity for spinoff games (or just similar-sounding games...)!

Mobile Catches a Ride on the Year of the Horse

The Chinese New Year usually heralds a lull in app downloads, but some scored big. See how one game got 1.4 million downloads in 2 weeks!


Asia: The Leading App Market in the World

This month Wandoujia partnered with the app analysts at Distimo for an in depth look at the Asian app market, responsible for 41% of global revenue in December 2013.

Mad for Mid-core: Card Games Collect Gamers

Following the huge domestic success of I'm MT, Chinese publishers are crazy for mid-core games, especially ones that use card-collecting elements to drive gameplay.

Foreign Games Win Chinese Hearts, But Not Their Wallets

Clash of Clans is the number one game in China this month, but they need a China-friendly billing system before they can monetize!

International Developer Center Goes Live


The English-language version of the Developer Center has arrived! Team up with Wandoujia now to bring your official app to China. Gain access to over 200 million Chinese mobile users, integrate with our game SDK for seamless monetization, and check out our promotion program to start growing your user base. Start now!


The Games Edition

The top trend for October 2013? WeChat messenger is disrupting the mobile game ecosystem with its new game platform. One game made over a million dollars in a single day!

Wandoujia Partners with Bing

Bing Wandoujia App Search Result.png

This partnership marks a strategic alliance between Wandoujia's pioneering app search technology and Microsoft's powerful traditional search engine. Searching Bing for an app now yields results from the 780,000 apps in Wandoujia's catalog. Bing users can now seamlessly download Android apps with one tap, without ever having to leave the search results page.

Wandoujia is establishing partnerships to reach more app-seekers and increase downloads for app developers. Last month Wandoujia also announced a partnership to power search in Meizu's App Store.


LINE x Wandoujia:

Japan’s Top Messaging App Teams Up with China’s Leading Android App Store


Will mobile kill the TV star?

Chinese are flocking to video apps. Find out what's driving this trend and what will happen to China's Next Gen TV stars.



Baidu's $1.9 Billion Acquisition and The Future of Mobile in China

The news of Baidu's acquisition of 91 Wireless has set China's mobile industry afire. It isn't directly about Wandoujia, but we still received dozens of media interview requests, so I decided to reply here...


Photo-sharing sparks viral growth

Top trend: Photo-sharing via WeChat Sparks Viral Growth

Baidu PhotoWonder and Crazy Pic Puzzle took China by storm in June. The prime contributor? Photo-sharing to WeChat Moments. 

Find out how these two developers leveraged photo-sharing to generate millions of downloads.


Android dominates 86% of the smartphone OS market in China

Android dominates 86% of the smartphone OS market in China

The Secrets Behind The World's Biggest Smart Phone Market

China is by far the world's biggest smart phone market. But it's still a mystery for foreign developers. As the leading Android app store in China, we at Wandoujia decided to bridge this gap.

 This infographic provides an overview of China's Android market in 2012 and shares tips on how foreign developers can enter the market.


Wandoujia:The leading Android Appstore in China

Wandoujia:The leading Android Appstore in China

Wandoujia Exclusive App Launches in China

With 200 million total installs and 30 million daily app downloads, Wandoujia is a leading Android distribution channel in China.

Wandoujia loves to work with outstanding foreign developers to promote their apps in China. Our partners include Flipboard, Evernote Sketch, Evernote Food, Path, Pocket, and Line. What are you waiting for? Join our Developer Center today!


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